Why law is so complicated?

Law is one of the most complicated subjects that have ever existed. One of the reasons for that is the fact that it combines many different areas of our lives. For example, there is criminal law, intellectual property law, public law, etc. Combine that with the countless differences in the regulations in the different countries and you can get a very good picture of how complicated this matter actually is.

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There are not many people in the world that are experts in all the areas of law. In order to do that one must not only have the certain high education, but also devote all his life to personal researches and observations. Still, it will be very questionable to what extent does the certain person manages to bring his knowledge into practice.

An easier way to have a successful career in law would be to choose one area of it (or several areas that are connected or close to each other) and invest all your energy in becoming the best expert in it.

This is necessary because nowadays there are a lot of lawyers and the competition among them is very often quite severe. Some people say that this is not a problem, because people will always need lawyers’ services even for the most trivial things. But still the market is so full of labor that some of the specialists have to find alternative ways of earning money. Another problem is that some of the most commonly needed services, which are also the most trivial and ordinary ones, are not highly paid so even the huge require for them is not enough to make a profit.
What lawyers could do is spend a bigger part of their income for advertising.

It is true that many people have personal lawyers and use only their services all the time, but still people need professional help all the time and so a good advertisement can bring the specialist a lot of customers. The problem in this strategy is that people that are qualified in law know hardly anything about marketing. But if they understand how important it actually is, then surely life will be much easier for a huge part of the lawyers all over the world.

And because the law is so complicated the students of law are not the best roomates ever. In this video you will find out why

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